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Personal Health Record (PHR)

Paediapal Clinic has been trying for the past couple of years to make life of parents easier by eliminating paper and using information and communication technology. In this endeavor we are now upgrading our services to include Telehealth.

Telehealth focuses on two aspects of connectivity viz. physician to physician ( primary care to speciality care ) and physician to patient ( homecare ) .Appropriate use of telehealth has been shown to address the obstinate shortage of the healthcare system , which includes access to care , escalating cost of services , and disproportionate distribution of quality services across geographical area.

At the outset on registering yourself for the service , you will be able to log in with your ID and password to access your childs record in the clinic anytime, anywhere .This will help you to check on accuracy , discrepancy and what is missing, that can be rectified at our end .This will provide you with your childs birth details to immunization , growth charts, visits ,treatments ,and any investigations advised with reports all maintained in an electronic form .This PHR will also give you information on various health issues related to children and first aid management at home using a triage . It will provide you with facilities for immunization reminders through sms or email. It will be possible for you to give access to your childs record to another Physician when travelling out of town to help him understand the childs condition better. You will be able to make appointments online. If your child has undergone any surgery its details will be provided.

It will be our endeavor to take this forward to include telephonic, audio and video consults in the near future. Also it may be possible to offer remote monitoring and advice soon. The service will include second opinions.

With the availability of communication infrastructure , mobile technology , mobile phones , internet and broadband including 3G and Wimax, we should take advantage and move on to extend the traditional practice of medicine outside the walls of the typical medical practice .We hope to eliminate paper , ease storage and retrieval of data while accessing instantly patient records . This we hope is friendly, simple and quick . Confidentiality is well maintained and access is through password only. What you get is improved quality of care and patient experience is improved. Also your encounter is documented with consistency. Together let us enhance the healthcare, raise the bar, and provide our little ones the best.

Once you log in with the username and password you can see the details of childs record anytime , anywhere and print whatever details you need. It will also keep you updated.