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Centre For Paediatric Surgical / Urological Problems &
Centre for Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry

Devnagari, 1st Floor, D-Lane, Opp. SBI Training Centre, North Main Road, Koregaon Park,
Pune 411 001. Maharashtra, India. Phone : 020 - 26153957 / 020 - 65227394

Profile: Dr. Saroj Ratta

Dr. Saroj Ratta


Dr. Saroj Ratta

Edu. Qualifications :

B.D.S. May'91, G.D.C. Bombay

Presently :

Practising Dentist at Koregaon Park since June 98.

Posts Held :

  • Clinical Asst. - July'91- Aug'91 Bombay - Jaslok Hospital
  • Clinical Asst. - Aug'91- Dec'91 Bombay - Dr. C.D.S. Lakshmanan
  • Clinical Asst. - Dec'91- May'92 Bombay - Dr. S. M. Mayerar
  • Clinical Asst. - June'92- Aug'92 Bombay - Dr. Ratnadeep Patil
  • Clinical Asst. - Aug'92- Mar'93 Bombay - Dr. A. P. Chitre
  • Clinical Asst. - Sept'93 - Aug'94 Bombay - St. George Dental College Pune - Bharati Vidyapeeth
  • Asst. Lecturer - Bombay - D.Y. Patil Dental College Pune - Bharati Vidyapeeth

Registration :

With Maharashtra State Dental Council A- 4777

Memberships :

  • Inner Wheel Club Of Pune Riverside
  • Connecting (Suicide Prevention Group)
  • Spectrum (Ladies Study Group)

Organised :

  • Variety Entertainment for All India Dental Conference In 1987.
  • Fund Collection Drive For Riot Affected People In 1992.
  • Various Free Dental Check Up Camp With Rotaract Club Of Government Dental College.
  • Dental Health Awareness Exhibition At Govt. Dental College. 1989-1990. Bombay
  • Lecture Series By Prominent Specialists At Govt. Dental College. Dec-1991
  • Organising Committee Member For South Asian Dental Conference In Bombay. Aug-1992
  • Free Dental Check Up Camp At School And Poona Home For Blind Koregaon Park – 2001 Pune.

Awards :

  • Secured First Place in Senior Girls Shiai Competition (Karate) Held At Pune. 1985
  • "Most Informative Paper" At Maharashtra State Dental Conference Held at Govt. Dental College In August 1990 For "Computer – Their Use In Dentistry."

Presented :

  • Papers On - Role Of Food Habits In Pregnancy Related Gingival Disorders A Video Persentation At Maharashtra State Periodontal Conference In Jan. 1990.
  • "Computer – Their Use in Dentistry." At Maharashtra State Dental Conference Held At Govt. Dental College In August 1990.

Speciality :

I am a firm believer in smiles – beautiful smiles. A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. I have been through many of the procedures in my clinic covering every facet of cosmetic dentistry, whether it will be repairing, straightening, reshaping, laminates, metal free crowns….. You name it. I have the privilege of being with Dr. Ronald Goldstein, the pioneer of cosmetic dentistry and his Indian counterpart Dr. Sandesh Mayekar, pioneer of Indian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, who showed me how a pleasing appearance can mean the difference between personal success and failure.

I work to improve my patients self images so that they feel like smiling more and stained or crooked teeth will not stop them anymore.

I enjoy being on the cutting edge of progress and I truly believe you can have a better life through cosmetic care.

Experinece :

Out of the 13 years of clinical experience in my formative years I’ve had the privilege of working with prominent specialists from various subspecialties of dentistry.

When working with Dr. C. D. S. Laxmanan. Who was 75 years then, I learnt to make routine practice interesting. While working with Dr. Sandesh Mayekar. Pioneer of Indian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, I learnt to apply the need and sense of beauty related to different people belonging to different social stratas like models or news readers or politicians

Along with Dr. A. P. Chitre, senior consultant of oral and maxillofacial surgeon, I learnt to do various aspects of clean and neat surgery like impactions, cleft lip and cleft palate, Apicoectomies, flap surgeries…..

I have been in private dental practice in Pune since 1998. During these eleven years my exposure and interaction with people from different walks of life and countries has given me more confidence to handle complex dental problems with ease.

With this vast and varied experience gained I look forward to achieve much more in my field.